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The Lab

Simha Yoga Lab is an open forum for experimentation and exploration of the asanas.  Through a movement-based vinyasa practice, we play with form and function.  Students are encouraged to interpret the poses to fit their needs, whether to modify for limitations or to make more challenging through variations.  The flow sequences are thoughtful, yet organic.  Every class is different - a constant evolution.


This is how my teacher, Dharma Mittra, teaches, by giving the liberty to express and reinterpret the poses.  There is also the discipline of alignment and structure, as taught by my other teacher, Alison West.  Each class becomes the union of the two with dynamic movements and structural clarity.

Steven Cheng

Credit:  Mark Manne

Steven completed his certification in Dharma Mittra Yoga in July 2005.  His personal style is free-form vinyasa with pieces of Dharma Mittra's signatures.  Lessons are dynamic and energetic with lots of heat and strength building.

Yoga, in the classical sense, aims to encourage the yogi's body to open with time and practice.  Although alignment is the foundation to any yoga practice, "perfection" is not the absolute goal of Steven's teaching.  A healthy form and a light spirit is what he exudes and what he promotes.  Therefore, he works toward proper form, while having lots of fun and achieving a greater sense of well-being along the way.  You will occasionally hear him say that his role is to act as a guide, offering possibilities, but the journey is that of the practicing yogi's.  The final destination is a personal one.

The Mantra For Purification

om apavitrah pavitro va

sarvavastham gato api va

yah smaret pundarikaksam

sa bahya abhyantaram sucih

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